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Strawberry Picking

So, today my brother, Ethan, and I picked strawberries. It was a blast. We went through the huge field. Ethan was sometimes five or four rows ahead of me. I, however, took my time, for we had to get the best strawberries. Ethan’s were better than mine, because he dashed ahead and picked all the good strawberries. If I picked a strawberry, then realized it was bad, I would leave it behind, sometimes throwing it at Ethan. Eventually, he came and we scoured the patch together. We skipped a few rows, for not all strawberries are worthy of the basket.(If you’re confused, it’s something we came up with, as our motto for strawberry picking. I wonder what we’ll use for cherry picking, 😉 ) So, then we headed back to the car. We got strawberry ice cream. Ethan took a lot of pictures. Home again, the neighbors invited me to play. We got soaked, and ate PB&J sandwiches. So, today shaped up to be pretty amazing.